Replay du samedi 29 avril 2017

Arrivée d'air chaud

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Titres diffusés :

  • Leo Sidran, “Tonight Someone Is Me”, cd “Entre chien et loup – Live in Meudon”, Bonsai Music/Sony.
  • Edouard Ferlet, “Crazy B”, cd “Think Bach Op. 2”, Mélisse.
  • Jean-Philippe Viret, “Peine perdue”, cd “Les Idées heureuses”, Mélisse.
  • Danilo Rea et Flavio Boltro, “Toccata From Orfeo”, cd “Monteverdi In The Spirit Of Jazz”, ACT/PIAS.
  • Richie Beirach, Gregor Huebner, George Mraz, “Around Dialog Orfeo Messenger”, cd “Monteverdi In The Spirit Of Jazz”, ACT/PIAS.
  • Albert Collins And The Icebreakers, “Things That I Used To Do”, “At Onkel Pö’s Carnegie Hall”, JazzLine/Socadisc.
  • Ludovic Beier, “La Juventus de Timgad”, bof “Timgad”, Frémeaux & Associés.
  • Romane et Stochelo Rosenberg, “Pour parler”, cd + dvd ”Gypsy Guitar Masters”, Frémeaux & Associés.
  • Ben Sidran, “Shaboogie”, cd “Picture Him Happy”, Bonsai Music/Sony.
  • Charlie Watts & Danish Radio Big Band, “Faction”, cd “ Charlie Watts Meets The Danish Radio Big Band”, Impulse/Universal.
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