Replay du samedi 17 mars 2018

Arrivée d'air chaud

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Titres diffusés :

  • Hugh Coltman, “Sugar Coated Pill”, cd “Who’s Happy”, Okeh/Sony Music.
  • Fabien Mary Octet, “Don’t Look Back”, cd “Left Arm Blues”, jazz&people/PIAS.
  • Sinne Eeg, “Bitter End”, cd “Dreams”, Stunt Records/Una Volta Music Distribution. 
  • Thomas Ibanez Quartet, “On The Road”, cd “If Ever I Would Leave You”, jazz family/Socadisc.
  • Laurent Salzard, “Sunday Morning”, cd “Time Keeper”, Dreamophone/Socadisc.
  • John Mayall, “Riding On The L & N”, cd “Three For The Road”, Forty Below Records/Bertus France.
  • Fred Dupont, “Listen Here”, cd “Organ Session”, Assai Records/Socadisc.
  • Blanco y Nero, “October 6th”, cd “Timbero”, Stunt Records/Una Volta Music Distribution.
  • Kristin Asbjornsen, “You Hold Me While Leaving Me”, cd “Traces of You”, Global Series/Ora Fonogram. 
  • Maxime Bender, “Glow”, cd “Universal Sky”, CamJazz/PIAS. 

Indicatif de l’émission : Joshua Redman, “The Best is yet to come”, cd bof “Space Cowboys”, Warner Bros.

Virgules :

  • Helen Merrill and Gil Evans, “I’m Just A Lucky So And So”, cd “Collaboration”, Polygram.
  • Helen Merrill and Gil Evans, “People Will Say We’re in Love”, cd “Collaboration”, Polygram

Message promotionnel : Dianne Reeves, “Minuano”, Concord/Universal.

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