L'essentiel des 24 heures du Mans en anglais sur France Bleu Maine

France Bleu Maine mercredi 11 juin 2014 à 9:00

"Just give us 2 minutes... and we'll give you the 24 hours !". Alors que des milliers d'anglophones se pressent cette semaine au Mans pour la plus grande course d'endurance auto au monde, France Bleu Maine propose chaque jour un flash en anglais à 6h35 et 8h35 sur 96 FM. Welcome to Le Mans !

Welcome to Le Mans for the 82d edition of the legendary 24 hours. It really opens today, as the 55 cars registered will go on the track this afternoon.

From 4 to 8 PM, a free practice session will take place. Just before the very first qualifying session that will be held at night, from 10 to midnight.

Toyota is expected as the favorite for the Japanese manufacturer got the fastest lap ten days ago at the test day : 3 minutes and 23 seconds. But the fight is going to be fierce with Audi , the reigning champion here in Le Mans for almost a decade. And with Porsche , which is coming back to Le Mans for the first time since 1998.

Until Sunday, 250,000 people are expected in Le Mans . But hardcore fans have already set their tents in the camp sites around the track.

The Spirit of Le Mans also means enjoying the nightlife in the village, near Dunlop bridge, with concerts given every night until Friday. Tonight, from 8 o'clock, two French pop artists will be on stage : the promising songwriter Medi and the "it" French female rock singer Hollysiz.

You can reach the circuit on the tram , heading for Antares - MMArena - it's a 20 minute journey from the city center. A three-day pass with unlimited travel is available for 10 euros.

Last but not least, the weather will be bright today in Le Mans. The sun will be shining all day. Temperatures should reach 25 degree in the day and stay mild even at night.